Heart of a Texan’s goal is to help shoppers find the antiques/vintage/collectibles/up-cycle/re-purpose shops in Texas and know they are in business through a combination online and hard copy presence. We are working on it daily in hopes that it will become the “go to” site for shoppers to plan antiques shopping trips. We are excited about it! The online shop finder site will be continually evolving to meet the avid shopper’s needs.


GOAL: The New Online Shop Finder

Since the end of August 2017, we have been working with a web developer to revamp the existing website to turn it into a “comprehensive” online shopper. He has worked relentlessly to make the site the best that it can be and we could not have done it without his patience, diligence and perseverance with this project!

Our goal is to expand our printed paper coverage with up to 7 times the coverage we have had in the past and its purpose is to promote the new Online Shop Finder directory. We plan to distribute our condensed publication to the majority of the shops in Texas.



Our non-comprehensive printed paper with limited distribution is no longer adequate to meet the shopper’s needs. We will be able to add unlimited content in the online shop finder.

While we find it necessary to make the change from a print publication to an online publication, we want to support it with a condensed version of our printed paper until the online shopper becomes well known and is easily found in the search engine.
We have many advertisers who have been with us from our humble beginning in 2007. We also have relatively new advertisers, and we appreciate each one of you and the confidence you have placed in us. Our 11-year print publication would not have been possible without you.

According to a recent report in the Content Standard “Over 3 billion people use social media each month – 42 percent of the total global population and every second 11 people use social media for the first time.

Mobile’s (iphone/ipad) share of web traffic increased by 4 percent, while desktop (computer) decreased by 3 percent.

We have a strategic marketing plan in place for offline and online marketing in the upcoming year.


Printed Paper to be Condensed and Distributed Twice a Year

Our final printed monthly issue of the newspaper was May 2018, but we are replacing it with an 8-page condensed version of the paper to hand out to shoppers beginning July 2018. Due to the cost of expanding our coverage into several hundred more shops, we are transitioning from a monthly publication to printing upwards of 100,000 copies at one time, twice a year. This number will last several hundred stores for 6 months.

We are currently sending out monthly copies to approximately 100 shops, plus the Texas Travel Centers, with an additional 30,000 copies distributed at the Texas Antiques Week Fair.

We will now send out a 6-month supply of the new paper to 500, 600 or 700 shops (depending on the shop’s agreement to participate in displaying the paper in advance.)

We will continue to provide the Texas Travel Centers with papers that will direct shoppers to

We considered a brochure, but we can offer the shopper a lot more perks with a customized shopping guide by staying with a printed paper.

  • The front page will feature: 6 color-coded regions of the Texas map showing red heart icons with the number of shops that can be visited in that city/area.
  • Sections: How to Navigate the online shopper with your mobile device or computer – many in our community are not familiar with current technology and how to use it.
  • A-Z Listing of all antiques shops in Texas: alphabetized by:
    • Area (6 major regions of Texas)
    • 700 shops listed by city name and then an alphabetized listing of antiques shops will be featured on the centerfold.
    • Regions will be named by major cities/towns, for example: Dallas-Fort Worth Area
    • City Name Store Name

Future Plans:

Suggested Shopping Routes for “Shop Your Way Across Texas” to appear in print and online:

Starting city (number of shops)
Ending city (number of shops)
Cities to and from (number of shops)
Total miles to travel with miles to be traveled to and from each city

Comprehensive Calendar of Events – all events for the upcoming year to be listed on a calendar with information for the shopper. The event promoter will have the option to purchase a premium listing with photos and additional text.

The online publication will feature 2 separate maps:

Shop Finder map
Events Finder map

The google map feature will allow shoppers to find “Events near them.” and give the distance to be traveled in miles.


Texas, USA




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