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Amarillo’s Route 66 Store

2723 Southwest 6th Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79106, United States

Farmhouse Decor – Shabby Chic Decor – Vintage Clothing and Accessories – Costume Jewelry – Vintage Handmade Native American Silver and More

General Information


Coming from the East to (what was then known as) 8th Avenue traveled West then dog legged through downtown to 6th Ave. This was done because 8th Ave ended not far west of Polk St. They actually laid the hwy through here in 1925. The developer for this area of route 66 knew it was coming this way and built the road to the then specs for a hwy. Then all they had to do was tie in and pick up at the other end. There was no state dept. of transportation, yet. So if there was to be signage each area had to create their own signs so all were different. Around the 50’s came standard signs’ which have been copied since the 80’s and sold everywhere. At the time the hwy was finished and commissioned Amarillo was considered the mid-point of the hwy and the only city it went through besides Chicago and Los Angeles. I know you think that is weird, as now there are cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma, Joplin and such. At the time the hwy was laid and started these cities did not want the noisy, smelly cars going through their towns disrupting everything so the Road went on their outskirts later to be encompassed as the towns grew. Around the early 50’s 8th Ave (known as Amarillo Blvd.) was expanded into the first loop around the city and then called that Route 66 and this area became Route 66 business.

Shop Description

Only Route 66 Store on Route 66 in Amarillo. We carry higher end Route 66 merchandise, some exclusive to this store!

The Largest selection of Farmhouse and Shabby Chic Decor you can find in the city Limits. We also have a tremendous collection of vintage couture and accessories. Vintage Handmade Native American turquoise & silver jewelry, Vintage Costume Jewelry and of course, an extensive selection of Vintage Hats and Gloves. We were the first to put in a patio area with signs, bicycles, weather vanes, wood burning RR stove and enamelware. Unique to our store we offer concealed carry vests and jackets as well as local artist’s prints of the Panhandle Area.

Items We Sell

Farmhouse Decor, Shabby Chic Decor, Vintage Clothing and Accessories, Costume Jewelry, Vintage Handmade Native American Silver and Turquoise Jewelry, Fiesta Ware and Crystal. Wall Decor including Unique Prints by Local Artists, Picture Frames, Native American Art, Tin Signage, Tin Ceiling Tiles and Collectible Plates. We have a Patio out the back door that is open year round with a Variety of Vintage Farm Equipment, Metal Signage, Wind Mill Blades, Vintage Stoves, Vintage Bicycles, Tricycles and Scooters, Various Cast Iron Garden Decor, Wide Variety of Enamelware, Old Wooden Doors, Vintage Minnow Buckets, License Plates and Theater Seats.

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