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Tues – Sat 10AM – 5PM
Sunday 1PM – 5PM





923 3rd St, Rosenberg, Texas 77471

Antiques – Vintage – Painted Furniture – Jewelry – Glassware – Depression glass – Handmade items – Signs – License tags – Hub caps – Gifts

General Information


From the current owner: I became a vendor in the store in 2004 while working at ConocoPhilips. A few years later the owner wanted a change so I took over the store in 2013. I had always liked going to Antique shops and had helped a friend who owned an antique store in Oklahoma when I lived there. I enjoy meeting and talking with the many people who come into the store.

Shop Description

The store is in different sections as I have a number of different vendors who decorate their space as they see fit. You will find some areas with a lot of furniture, other areas with handmade items. The back part of store has signs and items men are interested in as well as more kitchen items and painted furniture.

Items We Sell

Antiques, vintage, painted furniture, jewelry, glassware, depression glass, hand made items, signs, license tags, hub caps, gifts


About The Owners

Interests in Antiques

My favorite aunt was a collector. Her house was filled with many antiques and I visited her often. Ever since I became interested in antiques, family members gave me a number of pieces. As an adult I collected depression glass and other small pieces.

Personal Collections

I no longer collect anything. I enjoy purchasing items for the store. Most of the items I have at home are personal family keepsakes and I will not sell any of them.

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