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Rustic Windmill – A Vintage Inspired Market

2032 W Cuthbert Ave, Midland, TX 79701

Furniture – Photos – Prints – Paintings – Holiday decorations – Rhinestone – Costume Jewelry – Home Goods – Utensils – Linens – glass – pottery – porcelain – Lamps – Lighting Fixtures – Advertising – Displays – Porcelain Oil/ Gas signs – Western Accessories – Collectibles – Leather Goods – Taxidermy – Books

General Information


We think antiques should not be tucked away behind closed doors. Our pieces are meant to be lived with and enjoyed. We hope that you’ll add another chapter to the story with your family.
My husband and I grew up in homes with antiques. But we didn’t refer to them as such, we called them things like ‘Grandma’s quilt’ or ‘Aunt Bessie’s’ china. When we married we soon realized our home would always be filled with antiques and items with a past.

Shop Description

Rustic Windmill is in an established Old Midland neighborhood shopping center. Across the street is Midland’s first high school football stadium.
From the moment you walk in you’ll notice the difference. Cozy, clean and comfortable displays greet you. Most of our collections have a past. Whether we uncovered a fine furniture piece from a cob-web covered barn or searched across the state for a particular porcelain sign. If we know it’s history we’ll share that with you.

Items We Sell

Vintage and Antique Furniture, Photos, Prints, Paintings. Vintage Holiday decorations, Vintage Rhinestone and Costume Jewelry, Vintage Home Goods, Utensils and Linens. Vintage glass, pottery and porcelain. Vintage and Antique Lamps and Lighting Fixtures. Vintage Advertising and Displays, Porcelain Oil/ Gas signs, Vintage Western Accessories, Collectibles, Leather Goods and Vintage Taxidermy. Antique and Collectible Books.


About The Owners

Interests in Antiques

I came into the business end of antiques when my daughter was young. I managed a large antique store so I could be available for her activities.
Throughout those years I met great people who were not only collectors but teachers as well. They shared little tidbits of knowledge in their areas of expertise. The more I learned, the more I WANTED to learn, to touch, to acquire, to share with others.
It’s that sharing part that led me to open my own shop in 2015. It’s a comfortable shop with select dealers who carefully cultivate and thoughtfully display their merchandise.

Personal Collections

There is something comforting about the stories that went along with the item. It’s not JUST a china plate, it’s THE china plate that was a wedding gift after the war or a tie clasp that Grandpa wore every Sunday.
There are so many stories… when you seek out and purchase a vintage or antique item you become a past of it’s story!

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