How To Navigate the Map


1) Double click on the Texas map to enlarge it and numerous smaller hearts will appear
2) The large red icon with a black dot indicates your present location
3) The clusters of hearts with numbers in them indicate the number of shops in that city/area
4) On the computer, left double click to zoom in or right double click to zoom out on the area of the map you are interested in viewing, for example, Houston
5) On the iphone, use two fingers to zoom in or zoom out
6) Click on the heart located in the area/city you wish to shop
7) When you click on the red heart, it will open up into numerous grey and red teardrop icons, depending on the number of antiques shops in that location
8) Clicking on red icons will show you contact information, business hours and photos for a shop.
9) Clicking on grey icons will cause the store name and address to appear in a pop up box
10) Click “get directions” and it will take you to the GPS on your phone or computer

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Title Address Description

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