How To Navigate the Map


1) Double click on the area of the map you are interested in visiting, for example, Houston.
2) When using a computer, click on the plus and minus box in the bottom right corner to zoom in and out until you see the area you want to shop
3) When using an iphone, use 2 fingers to zoom in and out and move the map to the area you want to shop (there is also a plus or minus box in bottom right corner to zoom in and out)
4) Click on the red heart icon to view store locations within that city/area (icon listings: grey and red teardrops will open up for viewing)
5) Place the cursor (hand) over the teardrop icon to see the store name
5) Click on the grey or red teardrop icon to open store details
6) When you click on the red icon, a storefront photo will pop up with additional store details including photos and items for sale, scroll up to see photos
7) If you are using an iphone, select the storefront photo to view additional photos and information
8) For the grey teardrop icons, a tab with the store name on it will appear below the map
8) Click on the grey icon and scroll down to see the following:
*Store name
*Store address
*Distance from your location to the store